Please join the Sandbox and SIMPARCH groups for an end of the millenium celebration. Their final curated exhibition includes groundbreaking pieces spanning the modernist era: Op Art, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism...what have you. The estate of Duane Hanson was commisioned by the Object Dart commission squad to mold, out of fiberglass, the likenesses of famous art critics Clement Greenberg and Lucy Lippard. Watch as these effigies of our modern forbears drive this heap off the cliffs of Taos and into the ever present oblivion.

Reverend Dennis Hopper will be on hand to deliver the eulogy for Modern Art as well as gas powered engines. Gaze in amazement as a Hollywood stunt double - dressed as Bruce Nauman escapes out of the back of the plummeting modernist contraption at the last possible minute. This remarkable end of the millenium event will be hosted by the ever popular SINBAD and I dont mean that sailor dude from the movies either. There will be no time for gawking when it comes to the souvenirs. A signed limited edition commemorative print by the renowned artist Leroy Neiman will be available for a short time only, so act now.

Food: catered by Carol Shelby's Chili
Music provided by: BAUHAUS and Terry Allen